• India’s Tandoori Brentwood
    New Street Snacks

    As if Martin Shah’s passionate hospitality and excellent Indian food was not enough at he answered our pleas to bring dishes of his native Bangladesh to the table, and he did just that with special Chaat or street food.

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  • Spices Aplenty in India’s Tandoori Brentwood

    We had the pleasure of dining at India’s Tandoori today and we feel the same way we felt after our spice plantation tour of Goa, awed by the variety, intense flavor and richness of India’s abundant spice palette.

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  • Manchurian Candidate A Dish at India’s Tandoori Brentwood

    Manchurian Candidate, Gobi Manchurna, new on the menu at India’s Tandoori Brentwood menu is an Indian Chinese Fried cauliflower dish, very popular in India both on the table and as a street food.

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